Broad beans pasta with pecorino

Today, when starting to cook broad beans, I noticed that I always tend to change the recipe. I do it very often, let’s say almost always, maybe because I lack an ingredient or simply my spirit as a Chef that awakens and takes over, to always go beyond finding a different balance and trying to make it better.

Food varies especially here in Italy, from city to city, so then the recipes change over the centuries.

In this year, spent in Sicily, I ate everything, I was lucky enough to live in a beautiful country called Naro, my wife is…

Spezzatino di Mare (Tuscan fish stew)

This dish is inspired by Livorno’s legend:

“a fisherman from the area, who had gone fishing with his boat, was suddenly seized by a storm and drowned.

Having left his wife and children in poverty, the children went to the harbour to go hungry and asked the fishers to feed themselves. Every fisherman offered fish to the children: some an octopus, some a sea cicada, some a cuttlefish.

Back home, the mother prepared a soup with these fish and then poured it into a bowl where she had previously placed slices of bread. …

Ravioli Ricotta & Spinach with Butter & Sage Perfect For Easy Lunch

Italian tradition dictates that fresh handmade stuffed pasta be served for Sunday lunch or prepared for special family gatherings.

You will invariably find “Ravioli di Ricotta” as a pasta course in the best Tuscan restaurants.

The pasta is usually cut in squares or circles and typically stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach, chard and wild herbs. Fresh ricotta cheese made from cow or sheep milk is easily found in Tuscany


So as not to cover the delicate flavour of the filling, only butter and…

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