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Broad beans pasta with pecorino

Food varies especially here in Italy, from city to city, so then the recipes change over the centuries.

In this year, spent in Sicily, I ate everything, I was lucky enough to live in a beautiful country called Naro, my wife is from these parts. From our house, you can see the sea and between pandemics and not being able to move this view is priceless to me.

Let’s go back to our recipe of Broad beans pasta with pecorino I take this moment to say that my mother-in-law as a cook knocks me out in the kitchen for the skill and passion she shows in her dishes. Living here, I noticed how the whole country depends on the seasons because everything here is consumed locally. With my father-in-law this spring we went to his countryside house where he has broad beans and so I contributed in part to the harvest. A magical experience, especially when you can eat them raw.

After having eaten them so many times in different ways I decided to make them myself by changing some ingredients, I could not find the fresh ricotta.

Broad beans pasta with pecorino

I had the broad beans in the fridge and finally ready to cook, I went for fresh ricotta here at the Putia(mini-market) and the lady at the counter tells me that you can only buy it by reservation, here comes out my part as a city boy where you can find everything in the supermarkets, instead, here we eat only and I mean only the freshest ingredients.

Naro, a village of about 6000 inhabitants is enchanting, is located in the hills and from its castle you can also see Mount Etna on fine days, I recommend everyone to visit it, it is truly a hidden gem in the province of Agrigento.

Not finding the ricotta, my Broad beans pasta now had to use pecorino, as a cream, like this, also gives that extra touch of color and flavor to the Broad beans.

In the recipe I also wanted to add anchovy fillets in the broad bean cream to offer a different taste, so the recipes usually change, with the imagination of the cooks but even so they can be adapted to what they have in the kitchen in certain cases or simply to experiment that never hurts.

The Recipe of Broad beans pasta with pecorino

- 100g of fresh broad beans
— 2 Anchovy fillets
— 50g Pecorino
— 90g Occhi di Lupo, durum wheat pasta


- Blanch the beans for a maximum of one minute
— Blast the cooking beans in water and ice
— Shell the beans

- 50g of broad beans must be blended with 80% water together with anchovy fillets creating the sauce
— Salt and pepper to taste, taste the sauce

Pecorino sauce

1 Blend the pecorino with the same amount of water until you get a soft cream

2 If you find yourself in possession of a cooking bottle, store the cream and keep it in the fridge

  • Boil the water
  • Cook the pasta for 8 minutes
  • The broad bean cream must be heated in a saucepan
  • In a pan with oil, heat the whole beans
  • Skip the pasta with broad beans, tasting salt if it is okay


  • spread the broad bean cream in bed
  • Add the quantity of Sicilian pasta and broad beans
  • Finally, finish with the pecorino cream that he had placed in the fridge

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Originally published at on May 4, 2021.

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