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Spezzatino di Mare (Tuscan fish stew)

This dish is inspired by Livorno’s legend:

“a fisherman from the area, who had gone fishing with his boat, was suddenly seized by a storm and drowned.

Having left his wife and children in poverty, the children went to the harbour to go hungry and asked the fishers to feed themselves. Every fisherman offered fish to the children: some an octopus, some a sea cicada, some a cuttlefish.

Back home, the mother prepared a soup with these fish and then poured it into a bowl where she had previously placed slices of bread. The sweet fragrance of the improvised soup intrigued the neighbours who hurried to ask the woman where she came from.

Thus Cacciucco was born!”

My way is a timeless dish that takes only minutes to prepare. You can customize this dish with any kind of fish, therefore let’s start cooking!

Ingredients (per person)

* Fillet of red gurnard 1/2

* Fillet of red mullet 1/2

* Mussels N4

* Clams N4

* 2 cleaned king prawns

* 1/2 glassfish stock (need in litres)

* 6 cherry tomatoes- halved

* Some chopped chives

* 1 tbsp of tomato sauce


Some nice bread well toasted on the grill is how I love to eat it, just like the Scarpetta.

Enjoy my Tuscan fish stew!

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